Fixed Phone Systems, Calls & Lines

Our business uses telephony to sell, research, consult, support and procure.

Is the following important to your business?

  • Business grade call quality
  • Network uptime
  • Built in disaster recovery
  • No hidden charges
  • No complicated commitment based agreements
  • 24/7 support
  • Ability to have a scalable solution that works with digital/IP solutions

The above is important to us, therefore we know it is equally as important to you.

This has been a service we have provisioned for over a decade, our experienced team of pre-sales, billing and engineers are at your service to give you a managed solution that is supported from end to end.

Our accredited alliance with leading networks like BT, Colt and Vodafone give us the ability to provide excellent coverage, premium call quality as well as solutions for business continuity. Combining the ability to provide dual networks, via a consolidated helpdesk means you get the best in class of network and our expert level of support and pro-active account management.

Based on ensuring ‘quality’ we don’t create ‘one fits all’ solutions, we provide a quality solution designed just for your business -supported by our business.

CloudHance are a systems integrator providing technology which is current and innovative as well as scalable to adapt as your needs change. A decision to replace your Telecoms Infrastructure should not be taken lightly and you should use experts to provide guidance on which route suits your needs.

As a highly accredited provider of telephony our Systems Specialists work to the mantra that every system we deliver should be designed to perfection, delivered within timelines/budgets and most importantly improve the way in which your workforce communicate.

New age telephony delivered as standalone systems or as part of a hybrid VoIP solution will give your business options, our investigation into how you expect calls to be routed, user/customer expectations and your calling behaviour is just the first step to putting together a proposal for a system. Our highly trained engineers will carry out comprehensive site surveys, and our Pre-Sales team will deliver you a demo of the system and features, at which point we will re-visit your requirements to see if there are any changes and then provide you with final solution within budget.

Our Guarantees

  1. Price Lock Guarantee - We’ll always provide you with fixed price estimates.

  2. Failure Free Guarantee - There’s nothing worse than paying for a product that falls apart as soon as you’re ready to use it..

  3. Pay Once Guarantee - With CloudHance, you’ll only pay for a project once. If we make a mistake or our work needs to be repaired (and it’s our fault), we’ll make it right free of charge.

  4. Rapid Response Guarantee - If you’re a Managed IT customer and we fail to match the response times we promised you, we’ll fix your problem free.

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