Audio & Video Conferencing

CloudHance Conf+ gives your business the ability to conference globally at a moments notice. Our unique proposition allows you to make calls via VoIP, mobiles and deskphones. We give your users their own secure account and integration with your mail client for easy scheduling. Our Conf+ allows you to moderate and participate in conference calls via Android, Windows, iPhone and BlackBerry apps.

CloudHance CONF+ Can be used to:

  • Host regular meetings
  • Conduct sales meetings
  • Link teams from global offices
  • Communicate with clients
  • Adhoc meetings/announcements

The need to meet face to face with colleagues, clients and prospects still exists, they say time is money. However, time is rare and travel can cost money. Video Conferencing makes it easy to connect with people globally, so whether you are interviewing, making announcements or communicating with peers it feels more personal.

Powered by Intercall CloudHance’s offering is the industry’s first truly reservationless video conferencing service. You do not need to reserve a timeslot, enabling you are able to access a quality service with video on demand. Our solution is intuitive and intelligent however we have made it simple to use, with one touch of a button you have the ability to control your conference commands without the need for an operator.

Use our Video Conferencing to:

  • Organise weekly status meetings
  • Arrange meetings face to face with clients, employees and prospects
  • Collaborate globally with teams in different regions
  • Arrange ad-hoc meetings with a minutes notice

Whether you need to meet face to face with a prospects, potential employees or bring remote teams together, our VC solutions give you virtual meeting rooms to improve communication, strengthen relationships, work on strategy and finalise decisions.

Use our Video Conferencing for:

  • Company-wide announcements
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Interviews
  • Customer and project team meetings
  • End to End Managed Solutions

CloudHance’s unique position in the market means we can provide you with end to end solutions for your VC requirements.

  • Consultancy
  • Hardware and Connectivity Provide
  • Installation and Engineering
  • Global Bridging
  • Managed Helpdesk

Our Guarantees

  1. Price Lock Guarantee - We’ll always provide you with fixed price estimates.

  2. Failure Free Guarantee - There’s nothing worse than paying for a product that falls apart as soon as you’re ready to use it..

  3. Pay Once Guarantee - With CloudHance, you’ll only pay for a project once. If we make a mistake or our work needs to be repaired (and it’s our fault), we’ll make it right free of charge.

  4. Rapid Response Guarantee - If you’re a Managed IT customer and we fail to match the response times we promised you, we’ll fix your problem free.

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