One of our key strengths is to turn a client's ideas into a viable business strategy. As part of that strategy, we take time to understand not just a client's current needs, but anticipate what those needs will be in the future. With our years of experience and expertise in the fast moving technology market, we help our clients plan for success. Our approach is rather like writing a story. Every good book has a great beginning, a development and a 'happily ever after' ending. Writing your story or strategy is a key part of our job and becomes the focal point of everything we do.

  • Strategic planning

  • User analysis

  • Project management

  • Google analytics

  • Brand development

  • Social networking strategy


Design isn't just about creating pretty pictures. Design should be not only striking and memorable, but it should be effortless. It should also be appropriate to your marketplace and your customer needs. At CloudHance, design is just as much about usability as it is about colour and layout. It's also an ongoing conversation between us and our clients. For this reason, the majority of our projects are completely prototyped prior to the main development. This means we can share the progress with clients, make changes quickly and easily so that there are no surprises when the final product emerges. Rather like a storyboard for a film, our prototype is a shared experience to an end goal.

  • Branding

  • Interface design

  • User experience

  • Motion graphics

  • Offline marketing

  • Prototyping & wireframing

  • Presentation design


Ever since our inception in 1999, we only work with quality developers. Thanks to that knowledge and expertise, we can provide custom built solutions for our clients that really work. This is the moment when all the hard work on the strategy and the design become a reality. Our highly qualified developers can ensure that projects run smoothly. Whether it's a website or an app, our developers can ensure your project runs in the way you want it to. Whatever the question, the answer is always 'yes we can'.

  • Bespoke Programming

  • Seamless web and mobile integration

  • Registered apple developer

  • Multiple programming languages

  • Web, apple (IOS) android, windows 8

  • 13 years web and digital experience

Our Guarantees

  1. Price Lock Guarantee - We’ll always provide you with fixed price estimates.

  2. Failure Free Guarantee - There’s nothing worse than paying for a product that falls apart as soon as you’re ready to use it..

  3. Pay Once Guarantee - With CloudHance, you’ll only pay for a project once. If we make a mistake or our work needs to be repaired (and it’s our fault), we’ll make it right free of charge.

  4. Rapid Response Guarantee - If you’re a Managed IT customer and we fail to match the response times we promised you, we’ll fix your problem free.

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