Online Backup

Online or Cloud Storage is fast becoming the most common form of business data backup replacing the traditional tape and disk rotations that have previously been utilized.

An advanced software application will be used which assists with collection, compression and encryption; then transfers the data to our advanced Data center.

There are however a wide range of different backup styles and configurations and it is imperative from both a technical and commercial standpoint that you engage the right service and the right management partner from the outset. CloudHance offer a suite of facilities designed to precisely meet your business needs.

Easy and quick installing

Installing the client software is quick and easy.The agent is installed on desktops,laptops and servers. Using a management console,you then select the files and directories you want backed up and when. These could include simple spreadsheets and documents or large,complex data stores such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL. All commonly used platforms and databases are supported.

Protect your data assets

The backup client runs a fully automated incremental backup of your important files and data. Everything is backed up to our secure data centres.You'll only have to do this initial backup once,but it's possible to change your selection of files at any time.Your data will be encrypted and compressed before being sent to our cloud platform through an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection for safe storage and monitoring.

Make regular backups automatically

Online Backup protects your bandwidth and system performance.You don't need to set aside a lengthy backup window each day.As a result, there's no lengthy, frustrating server slowdown that impacts the experience and productivity of your employees.

Restore data rapidly

Restoring data with Online Backup is quick and easy - whether it's a single file or the contents of a server. If you wish, it's also possible to have a copy of your data backed up on a local storage device. When a restore is needed,the Online Backup service will select the closest restore point to use.

Our Guarantees

  1. Price Lock Guarantee - We’ll always provide you with fixed price estimates.

  2. Failure Free Guarantee - There’s nothing worse than paying for a product that falls apart as soon as you’re ready to use it..

  3. Pay Once Guarantee - With CloudHance, you’ll only pay for a project once. If we make a mistake or our work needs to be repaired (and it’s our fault), we’ll make it right free of charge.

  4. Rapid Response Guarantee - If you’re a Managed IT customer and we fail to match the response times we promised you, we’ll fix your problem free.

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