ShareSync File Sharing

Sharesync improves collaboration and mobility while keeping your content secure and protected. And because it mirrors the desktop and mobile interfaces that you are already familiar with, it’s easy to adopt.

ShareSync is a powerful collaboration tool, particularly for keeping remote employees and multiple offices in sync. Options for web conferencing are also available.

ShareiSync is the only business-grade file collaboration service that lets you own your customer relationships. That’s because, unlike other cloud collaboration services, ShareiSync is gray-labeled so you don’t have to compete with a branded version. This means that you have full control over billing, branding, bundling, pricing and every other aspect of your customers’ ShareSync experience.

ShareSync provides data security you can count on. ShareSync makes online file sharing a breeze. Whether you are sharing one file, or an entire folder with hundreds of files, a few clicks is all it takes.

  • Files and folders as easily as composing an email

  • Shares with any recipient—even if they don’t have Sharesync installed

  • You can share files and folders using PCs, mobile devices or through the web portal

  • Sharing and permissions settings can be matched to each recipients’ specific needs

  • Follows security best practices, including leveraging strong password policies

  • Offers remote wipe capabilities in case of lost or stolen devices

  • Keeps content safe with at-rest and in-transit encryption

Sync files and folders across every device

Every file change automatically syncs to all ShareSync devices.Syncing happens automatically, behind the scenes, the moment a file modification occurs. Offers desktop and mobile access to content on any device. ShareSync apps available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry.Content also accessible through any web browser.

Share with recipients both inside and outside

Leverages your customers’ corporate address books for easy sharing.Recipients can access content even if they don’t have ShareSync installed. Users can set sharing permissions to control access privileges—and change them at any time. Sub-folders can be shared with different permissions than parent folders. Windows plugins integrate ShareSync functionality directly into Outlook and Office.

Keep content secure and protected

Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit and with an additional account-specific unique security key. Content protection features guard against accidental deletion or version conflict. Permissions and access are strictly controlled and easily amended at any time. ShareSync data on lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely. An audit log lets you track all account-wide ShareSync events. Reliability is assured with a 99.999% financially backed SLA.

Sync ONline & OFFline

Once installed,Sharesync creates a blue folder on your desktop and copies all your files and folders you want tot. With your Project files safely stored locally, you can work on your Projects offline, and when you go online again, your files will automatically be synced.

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